St John the Evangelist, Dormansland

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Virtual Worship

Over the coming weeks, there will be services conducted over Zoom, on online meeting forum on Wednesdays at 8pm and Sundays at 10am.

Please CLICK HERE to request the access details to our services.

Service sheets are emailed weekly.    


Compline service or night prayer every Wednesday at 8pm with Richard Holroyd.                                                                      

We are holding well-attended virtual services on Zoom, so do come along and join in. Usually 10.00 am on Sundays. In difficult times a number of village people are finding that it can be very helpful to join up and worship together. It helps take away that feeling of isolation. You and your families can sing the hymns in the privacy of your own homes, with words provided, to the live playing of our own on-line organist! Stay on the call afterwards to have an informal chat with other villagers  and ask about what else is going on.

We very much encourage mums and dads to bring along their children to experience these children/family orientated virtual services. For which reason, we have introduced password protection so that mums and dads can feel entirely comfortable with their own younger ones in front of cameras, knowing inter alia that those images cannot be widely circulated. Safeguarding of the young and vulnerable is one of our standing priorities.

We also encourage those who care for or support the elderly and vulnerable to provide a bit of practical help with computers to their loved ones. Either within households if appropriate or by telephone support. You will then be comfortable as carers, that those you look after, are not exposed to the inherent risks of microphones and cameras in their homes. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that a number of people who were wary of computing are now finding their way through the buttons and enjoying the experience—pleased with themselves for braving new ground!

So please click the above link to request the log on details. Or ask a friend who already attends our virtual services. They will be happy to share them with you and welcome you in. Do feel free to add a little info about yourself, maybe your name and maybe just even which village you live in. After the services we tend to stay on line and have a “virtual cup of coffee” together and this acts as a bit of an intro. Detailed personal and confidential information is not a necessity.

Again for protection of others and good of all, we also ask you to make sure your computer camera is working before you log on since we like to see you, just as we hope you like to see us. Putting faces to names who have joined. We have found that most camera and audio issues can be solved in the end with adjustment to settings, whether using iPads or Windows 10 based computers.